The Best Have Taken Notice.

At our core, we are innovators. An innovator of products and services that empower independent financial advisors to give advice where it's needed most.

Over our 35-year history, we've transformed from a small boutique investment management company to a nationally recognized leader in Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) Management with over $4B in AUM.

Along that path, some of the largest and most trusted investment managers in our industry have taken notice. They want to be part of our unique growth story at a time when the marketplace is thirsty for innovation.

"TPFG has assembled a remarkable group of investment heavyweights to provide multi-manager models that enhance traditional plan options. These firms recognize our innovative thinking, unique expertise, and the leadership position we’ve built in SDBA and the retirement plan marketplace.  Adding Wilshire’s due diligence capabilities only enhances the oversight work we do ourselves.  Each firm aligns with our ‘Leaders Go First’ mindset. Simply put, they want to be part of the TPFG success story."

- Gary Manguso, Chief Investment Strategist & Product Officer