RIAs trust TPFG to help grow their practice with SDBA.

As a successful RIA, you know there are many moving parts which can make it difficult to juggle all tasks or initiatives on your own. The key to success is working alongside specialists who can support the growth areas of your business where you don't have the experience needed to develop efficiently.

The retirement plan market is exploding. The number of new plans and new investors is growing rapidly. As these plans grow, advisors who ignore this explosion risk missing out on a huge growth opportunity. But the retirement plan space is often viewed as time-consuming and paperwork intensive, which prevents many from fully committing to making retirement plan investors a core part of their practice. TPFG focuses on eliminating friction and reducing your administrative burden.

For over 35 years, The Pacific Financial Group has focused almost exclusively on retirement plans and the retirement plan investor. Today, TPFG and Strategy PLUS is the ONLY Multi-manager, Multi-style TAMP designed specifically for Self-Directed Brokerage Account Management (SDBA) and the individual retirement plan investor. By trusting the retirement plan portion of your practice to TPFG and Strategy PLUS, you'll have access to a full range of model portfolio investment options, digital client onboarding and servicing, operational tools, and the guidance you'll need as you build your RIA.

Power in


Opportunity to build your practice with SDBA is everywhere. The numbers tell the story.

$10 Trillion Vast market opportunity

in 401k, 403b, and 457 plans.


Brokerage windows open

in over 100,000 plans nationwide.

70 Million

Millions of plan participants seeking financial advice.


In Every Direction.

Capturing rollovers is available at every turn. Trust an SDBA leader to help guide your way.